Maxim Fortin

Maxim Fortin

Water Resources Engineer


Engineer specialized in hydrological and hydraulic modeling, flood mapping and geospatial data. Former Cowater Project Director, I spent more than 10 years addressing water resources management issues around the world. My career brought me all the way from water supply and flood mapping in the Sahel desert of West Africa, to post-earthquake water infrastructure vulnerability assessments in Haiti, decentralized wastewater management in remote communities of Alaska, hydraulic modeling in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan, large-scale mobile surveys for water infrastructure assessments in Jordan and various other assignments in almost a dozen other countries.

In recent years, I refocused my work on hydrological and hydraulic modeling closer to home with Aquasphera, where I specialized in flood analysis, stormwater management, drainage, erosion control and river modeling with government and private partners here in Canada. I now work with Natural Resources Canada’s excellence Center in Mapping and Earth Observation (CCMEO) as an Engineering Advisor (Flood Modeling), providing expert advice for the implementation of various national-scale programs and R&D initiatives aimed at advancing flood mapping coverage in Canada.

In my spare time, I have fun applying geospatial analysis and data science tools to real world problems, especially flood-related! When not nerding out on flood or water issues, I also enjoy playing chess, woodworking and spending time with the little family.

Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own, and don’t represent the opinions of my current or former employer(s).


  • Hydrological and hydraulic modeling
  • Flood mapping and flood risk management
  • Drinking water supply (developing context)
  • Geospatial data and analysis


  • M.Sc. in Water and Waste Engineering, 2016

    Loughborough University

  • B.Eng. in Water Engineering, 2011

    Université Laval