Unlocking the Potential of ICT to Improve Water and Sanitation Services

Excerpt from ICT report


Information Communications Technology (ICT) growth and uptake is changing the landscape of developing countries. Initial applications are showing how ICTs can further WASH goals and priorities, including increasing access, improving service delivery and improving governance. There already exists a substantial knowledge base on the use of ICTs for Development (ICT4D). However, too often the knowledge base focuses on the technological innovation itself, rather than how it can be embedded into sector management and governance systems. This study, therefore, aims to take stock and reflect on the findings from key ICT applications and experiences both in other sectors as well as in the WASH sector itself. By documenting and analyzing past successes, failures, enablers and barriers of the key applications and experiences, it is possible to significantly advance the areas of policy development, guidelines, implementation, and scale up of ICT in the WASH sector.

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Maxim Fortin
Maxim Fortin
Water Resources Engineer

My professional interests include hydrological and hydraulic modeling, flood mapping and geospatial data analysis.